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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
If I had $2.5 million, I'd never buy this car. I'd rather buy an entire fleet of cars: 458, mp4-12c, nissan gt-r, corvette z06, cayman r, gt2 rs, lotus exige, aventador, nsx, and a turbodiesel golf for a daily driver. And I'd probably still have enough money to buy a house and rent it out
See this is the flaw in your thinking right here..the guy that owns the BV, probably has one of each these cars (and more), a yacht, a jet, several homes etc.

Your are looking at it from the proliterate point of view..The people who buy these cars will not have their lifestyles change one bit. The money is irrelevant for them. They dont have to say I'd rather spend on 10 cars instead of one supercar..They say I'll have all 11