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Originally Posted by enfield View Post
I will probably get burned for this question.

God (according to the monotheiastic religions started by Abraham) is a bit of a school yard bully. God has to be obeyed and if you don't then he will bust your ass in various interesting ways. You have to do God's rituals - otherwise God will bust a cap in your ass. You have to believe in various supernatiral events otherwise you ass is in trouble. God want's your money (lunch money anyone) otherwise you burn in hell. Give to your local friendly Religious Institution!!

God is an extremist! There is no moderation here. He will drown you (Noah story), burn/nuke you (Sodom-Gomorrah story), ask you to kill your kid (Abraham), tell you to kick your son and his mom out into the desert (Abraham, Hagar, Ishmail story), tell you to commit genocide (clear out the hold land of all Philistines), let his only begotton son get killed without doing anything (Jesus story), pick one favourite race/people (what did the Chinese do wrong here and why can't they be the chosen people??) etc. etc. etc.

God is pretty violent, hateful, vengeful etc. God picked the Jews as his chosen people.... Are they are superior race than the Nordics/African/Asian/Native/etc. peoples? God comes across as a racist & bully due to this.

So - what do you guys and gals think??
god, in the context of an old man with a grey beard watching over our lives and listening to our prayers to perform miracles is FALSE.

god isn't separate from us, or lives outside our universe. GOD IS OUR UNIVERSE. That's right. You, me, this computer, the sun, empty space; add it all up and it equals = GOD.

even though you are a part of god, you will die, but your energy remains in this world to take another form. obviously you'll never remember the life you lived, but you will live forever with God in some other way.