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KS: I'm not one to street race but...

So I had an interesting experience last night involving me, the city streets of Rochester, NY, and a red GMC Sonoma:

I was coming home from a movie with my housemate and girlfriend in the car, and along a two lane road this bright red, perfectly clean, GMC Sonoma was riding my ass for about two miles. I had been breaking through openings in traffic just trying to get home and he was following me the whole way, probably 3 feet from my bumper. Finally we hit a red light and I didn't necessarily want to race him I just felt like launching up to the speed limit (30 :-P) so I did. Of course I whipped by him but then I saw him whip by me as I slowed down and we came to a second red light. This was the last light before my house and it was a merge (left, I was in the right lane) after about two blocks.

So I don't get it. I'm sitting there, minding my own business, and this stereotypical pickup starts spinning his tires. I didn't look over. I didn't rev. I didn't do anything competitive. I wasn't holding my clutch for a launch. I was just sitting there. I just laughed at how much of an ass this guy was making of himself. So on green, frankly, I hesitated....he launched (and lost traction like an idiot). Finally I slammed the gas , by the time I was shifting to second he was behind me, I easily merged (I knew I wouldn't have a problem, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the chance), (unfortunately I was going too fast and he was too close to turn in to my street) and turned into a street two up from mine.

As I was turning into my street all I could think about was, here's me: Debadged 335xi which is damn dirty cause I haven't had time to clean it, driving safely....aggressively but safely....and saving my "dangerous" driving for the AutoX. Here's these psychotic pickup drivers (with their wives) who are constantly demonstrating their "dominance" over "lesser" vehicles by sitting on the ass of tiny honda's making them crap themselves. Then when they're near anything that they are intimidated by, they need to (try to) show off, spinning their tires and in the end demonstrating that no matter how hard Americans try to prove that they can make cars more intimidating by making them bigger and I guess louder? doesn't mean anything. Even though these muscle cars and trucks can spin their tires....they can't go anywhere, cause they have too much torque in the wrong places. And you just DON'T race a bimmer with a PICKUP!

Please don't take this as me putting down any serious muscle car owner that actually knows their ass from their elbow who doesn't just exert their physical dominance on other people. And also please don't take this as me "showing off" "beating" a pickup. I just think it's retarded every time a pickup tries to prove how fast it is just because it can rev its engine real loud and spin its tires.

Hope you liked the story