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I may be in the minority here but i really can't understand the allure of the veyron. so the car looks like crap (kinda reminds me of humpty dumpty). It's expensive as f##k to buy, maintain, and insure. It guzzles gas. Last time I checked, the speed limit hasn't been increased. And it's not really the kind of car that you can drive on a track. So why the obsession with all this horsepower and top speed? Are you gonna be trying to win the Stop Light Grand Prix?

This whole top speed thing is just illogical. There are only probably 2 or 3 places on the entire planet where you can actually drive that fast. And I don't see too many veyron owners flying their cars over there to do the top speed run. I doubt anything more than 300-400 hp is really needed on a road car unless you live right next to the autobahn.

If I had $2.5 million, I'd never buy this car. I'd rather buy an entire fleet of cars: 458, mp4-12c, nissan gt-r, corvette z06, cayman r, gt2 rs, lotus exige, aventador, nsx, and a turbodiesel golf for a daily driver. And I'd probably still have enough money to buy a house and rent it out