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Originally Posted by sc1989 View Post
not to sound obnoxious but I kind of liked the vid, I saw it earlier ahhaha, but yea it appears to be loud and perhaps not the right option. My fathers old car was an AMG so i miss the vroom an exhaust can bring with a v8. (Previously had a 335i, graduated to the m3 this year! ). A few other brands I had in mind were the eisenmann race exhaust, apakrovich evo seems to be popular too. I personally won't finalize any brand till I get to hear it in person.

Yea I totally agree with you bro, I am placing heavy emphasis on cosmetics, to be honest we are in NYC so it doesn't make much sense to get a supercharger yet. I have no problem waiting a good few years as I personally feel cosmetics add more. There are a lot of rims on the threads, I personally say you check out klassen they look quite nice

also compared to other aftermarket rims the GTS rims or ZCP rims are awesome the black ones, I got a price from a shop in BK for 2.6 k for all 4 rims ( i believe tire included) also EAS has it at around the same price with tires.
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since exhausts came up here... I am so torn between the GT2 and the super GT (gt2 is loud and super gt is super loud ) lol
What about this you guys both buy it and when you get tired of it, I will take it off your hands for a cheap price.