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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
So I am the first to say I am and was extremely disapointed when bmw took the turbo route to all M cars and no longer will be the days of RPMS soaring to 8400 or higher. I just don't get how porsche can get 450hp out of a NA flat 6 with less displacement. But that is not the point.

Although there are several things I objectively like about high-revving engines, when I think about it, it actually isn't so clear as to "why" we like it.

Naturally I am not referring to throttle response as that is more of a NA thing and not a high revving thing. Aside from that. Many even say they would have been ok with a turbo v8 revving to 8k but again why?

For me the reasons were straight forward.
1. Probably the most important to me is the sound of the engine and car that you cannot get in any other setup. I really enjoy sound every single drive in this car.
2.the "special" feeling of being somewhat "near" race-car like feel. Nascar actually does not rev much higher than ours. Obviously F1 does but nonetheless it gives you a bit of that "race-car" like feel which makes it feel special each time you drive, atleast for me.

But in the end, while I will miss it, I guess I can't say the important things besides throttle response which seems to be getting better with each engine, will really be negatively effected. Curious other poeples reasons for liking the high-revving nature?
How about BMW super charging the S65?