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Originally Posted by sc1989 View Post
as coffee is one of the currencies i deal in this sounds rather enticing! as per mods, I had to divy up into to two categories: long term, short term.

naturally simple cosmetics would be short term,

thinking of the halos for one, swapping some oem parts for matte black (hood vents, side vents as my car is AW). Also perhaps changing the color of the rims as I will save up for better aftermarket.

for long term: exhausts (GT2 Mesitershaft sounds noiiice), Rims (Vorsteiner is the dream, I saw a member with Klassen forged rims they looked quite nice, also open to other nice forged pieces ), and say 4-5 years down the line the full vorsteiner gt5rs body kit and a vf engineering supercharger LOL, again, the Dreaaaam!
Good line up but the GT2 Mesitershaft is a loud exhaust. Check this video on how it set off a lot of car alarms inside a parking garage.

There are a lot of nice rims for sale on this forum. I might pick up another set in 5 spokes 3 piece forged later. Just wish I have the funds for it .
Balling if you get the full body Vorsteiner gt5rs.
I rather stay with looks then go for supercharger for now, but if I had the funds I will get a ESS. As you said dreams.