Thread: 400 RWHP Club?
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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Also the Epic Motorsports Flash tune.

This particular M3 is abused on the track as well as daily driven.
what does epic motosports tune add that evolve tune wouldnt? lol it just sounds funny "epic motorsports"

Originally Posted by Tonifyd View Post
test pipes can't be street legal tho
well.. technically neither is the akra evo in california, no?
eh who cares about the street legality. an officer isnt gonna look under the 80k car to look at whether there are test pipes, akra, oem, etc..and if he does, then he'll get a head ache from all the carbon monoxide and emmissions and in court all ill have to say is "he was confused and not in a normal state of mind" and itll get thrown out