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Originally Posted by MKE_M3 View Post
I think my points are validated by the choice of low displacement, bore > stroke, high revving engines in all true performance applications, i.e. Formula 1, sport bikes, etc. I know the differance may be small, and anecdotally there are exceptions to my points, but they are generally true. As an aside, maybe they are biased since I heard them from an M engineer several years ago, LOL! I appreciate you analysis, however. It would be interesting to compare the drivetrain weight, from engine to hubs of the vette and m3 MT. Not totally fair since they aren't in the same class, and the M3 needs to carry a fair amount more weight, but it would be interesting none the less.
Maybe in fact you are biased. You say all true performance applications are low displacement oversquare designs, but what about NASCAR, NHRA, those crazy Aussies, etc.? Are those not true performance applications?

On the street, do you know of any exoticars that use small engines?

Look, if you have a strong preference for limited displacement and high revs, that's OK with me, but you haven't made a general case that those engines are inherently "better". In fact, as I've mentioned in the past, the M3 would be a better performer while getting better mileage if it just had a stock Corvette Grand Sport engine under the hood.