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Originally Posted by jerseygirl View Post
i wont miss it because i still have it. however i find i drive the loaner car a 328 or a 335 much faster than the M3 because of the sound. the quieter engine allows me to push faster as opposed to the roaring M3 V8 which shuts me down . strange isnt it

S65 is a gem of an engine. Ask anyone that really knows engines what they want a torque curve to look like and it would turn out like the one the S65 produces. While it doesn't make the most power, there's something to be said about it's eight individual throttle butterflies that produce a near instantaneous response. If you really want to understand why the e9x M3 keeps winning comparison after comparison, almost to the point where it doesn't seem fair, it's because of this responsiveness. BMW gives drivers the right options of a traditional 6-speed and excellent DCT to accompany this powerplant.

I'm sure the future turbo engines will be great, but for certain, the NA S65 and S85 engines will both be missed.