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Originally Posted by Class-of-2013 View Post
Question on Iron X products (de-ironizer), isn't that meant for occasional once in a while applications (once every two months), when there's actually something for Iron X to remove? Feel like a brand new car won't have too many contaminants yet and Iron X may be overkill right now. Thoughts?
Iron X shouldn't be used on every car wash or every month, more like once a year if you keep up with your car or twice if you don't wax it much...but just because a car is brand new it doesn't mean it has a contaminant free surface...remember this "a wax, sealant or any other type of protection is only as good as the prep job you do beforehand"...I always use it on all the new car preps I do for my clients because it removes particles embedded in the paint that clay won't remove, creating a much cleaner surface for the wax, sealant or 22PLE to adhere great thing about this product is that it's ph balanced, non acidic, so it's harmless to your vehicle's finish and works great on wheels and calipers too

You'll be amazed at the amount of contaminant in a brand new car.