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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I don't see how good a motor that overheats when driven spiritedly is any good.

The VQ37 may last longer under boost or other forced induction but under stock conditions, I'll take the motor that doesn't overheat when I want to drive fast.

Let's not forget the 370Z's insane road noise when you are driving. It sounds like you are sitting in an 80s Pathfinder with the interior removed. I have to yell to talk to the other person in the car when driving. The 350Z is much more civil.
Two words: "oil cooler". Even the 350Z needs one at the track, just do a search on their forums. The 370Z is BA at the track, and in smaller tracks, without very long straights, can even beat the E90 M3. Here is a clip of a guy, who I rode with at a race track running a 1:51. He is an intermediate level driver, and the fastest I've seen a stock M3 go at this track is 1:55.

370Z stock except for Stillen CBE, high flow cats, and an aftermarket oil cooler (1:51)

Stock E92 M3 running it's typical time (1:55)
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