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Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
So true..

The muscle and classic car car era guys thought to do the same thing..and look at what those cars are trading at now

No where to go but up..because these things are never coming back.
Cherry GNX's cost 30k new in 1987. Today cars with 5000 miles on them are selling for 70k on ebay. An inflation calculator I found on the internet tells me that 30k in 1987 = about 60k today. Storage and fees means they just about broke even, 25 years later.

I think the normal E92 M3's will hold their value pretty well. E90's are more rare and should go up in value. The money cars will be the rares ones. They only made 250 M3 GTS's and they are all sold. I don't know how many of the other rare M3's are out there, but any of these cars with only a few thousand miles on them will be very expensive in 30 years.

Cars are not good investments in general, but damn I wish I had a M1 right now.
2014 M3 will be faster, but perhaps not better in all people's eyes.