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Shocked to discover that the car is CPO . . .

Purchased my '08 M3 (with 7,000 mi) privately in 2010 - both the ad and the seller warranted that there had only ever been 1 owner.

Discovered yesterday (while getting the ECU ver. no. from BMW) that the car has a CPO warranty. Huh?

Pretty angry about this misrepresentation from the seller - she was in the fact the 2nd owner, and not the first - though the car was (and still is) in perfect condition.

Weighing the pros and cons of confronting the seller. How would you guys react to something like this?

Would a confrontation be an overreaction? Seems like a pretty dirty trick to pull.

Edit: had full BMW inspection / car fax / etc. before purchasing - not sure how this detail didn't arise.
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