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question about 2011 ecoboost ford f150

So im kind of needing a truck to compliment my bmw and haul around a trailer with my bike and whatnot(light stuff)..alright well maybe more of a want then need. But iam in the market for a truck, i dont really want anything that breaks the bank on gas or is diesel etc just something to haul light loads and with good space.

We have a 2011 f-150 ecoboost with about 48k on the clock and it is a four-wheel-drive Platinum SuperCrew with a 6.5-foot bed at my job(an automall) and we have it listed for $33,731, however they will work out a deal for me where i get it for $28,660 out the door ive already got a hold on it so im in the edge of buying it or backing out.

My question is..does anyone here have a similar truck and how are these? hows the whole v6 twin turbo eco boost engine? doesn anyone have any first hand eperience with these? and is 28 and change a decent deal?

thanks in advace

I drove it around for a couple of days now and it sounds and rides very nicely, at this point theres little holding me back from getting it i just need that last little push