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Originally Posted by saildoc View Post
The cayman motor has a 12.5:1 compression ratio. Boosting it is a scary prospect. The big turbo kit company says it is ok with low boost but I find it very interesting that the same company offers a special stroker kit with increases the displacemnt to 3.7L and lowers the compression ratio at the same time and is marketed as a more efficient way to go the turbo route. I have read enough posts from people that have done the turbos but ran into problems I decided not go this route. And really not a big fan of turbos-yes they are more efficent but they lack the soul and excitement of a hairy maxed out NA motor. That is the reason I traded my 335I for an M3. Also why I grabed a C63-the last the big NA motors from MB.
How much power is the stroked 3.7 L putting down at the wheels?