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Originally Posted by passing View Post
im just glad im one of the few that have it in me to stand up to the police when they are in the wrong.

don't get me wrong.. i respect them for putting their lives on the line for the general public, but they also carry a large responsibility- one to know the laws.

it bothers me when:
1- police offeicers don't know the basic rules of driving
2- police officers ask me my age (although i chuckle now that i think of what my response was..)
3- police officers threaten you with a ticket but never actually give you one unless you are breaking the law.
Agreed, some of them are just in a "i'm better than you" mentality or power drunk. Luckily all of my interactions with Law Enforcement are usually pretty good. (because of my job when ever anyone runs any information about me all they get is a big "nope go away you're not allowed to see this information" so they have no idea what the hell I do that "classifies" my info. so they get pretty respectful I don't exist in 63 states