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Originally Posted by FIPAD View Post
after reading every single post, here is my suggestion...If you haven't washed the car for a couple of weeks or a month and since removing protection is not something you're concern about..go with Carpro Iron X, this will deep clean your paint, followed by a thorough washed with Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and for protection I would go with 22PLE (only if the paint is in great condition and not full of scratches)..if not you can go with 2 coats of Blackfire paint sealant (must wait 8hrs between coats)...hope this helps.
Thanks! I like the idea of 22PLE or Opti-Coat, but the key is in the application and prepping, which I will not have time to do properly. So I've been going for options of easy on application with minimal curing time etc. I do like the idea of Citrus Cleaners, so I'm going to try AF Citrus Cleaner to melt away grime pre-wash. When my current shampoo runs out, I think the Chem. Guys Citrus Wash could be a good replacement.

Question on Iron X products (de-ironizer), isn't that meant for occasional once in a while applications (once every two months), when there's actually something for Iron X to remove? Feel like a brand new car won't have too many contiminants yet and Iron X may be overkill right now. Thoughts?