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Originally Posted by passing View Post
i wish people knew how to drive.


me: making a right turn on A street, green light.
cop: making a left turn on A street, green light.

correct me if i am wrong, but since i am not crossing traffic, i have the right of way.

cop goes, and i see him going but i dont stop becuase i have the right of way. we approached the intersection at the same time. i turn into the left lane to kind of but not really cut him off to make him realize his mistake. he pulls up next to me at the next light, asks me what my problem is and i shouldnt accellerate like that, etc. i told him i had the right of way, he should not have gone.
he asks if i want a ticket, i reply what for? having the right of way? light turns green, expecting to be pulled over for something but he must have seen a donut shop.

/ rant.

was i wrong? he also asked how old i was, to which i replied "old enough to know i had the right of way"
You had the right of way.