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Originally Posted by pro-tect mobile View Post
Very true, but a nice car wil have a much higher resale value... even on a lease where they wont ding you for the damage to the car.

As far as film yellowing there are numerous brands of film, some may yellow while others wont. And even some films yellow because the owner applied petroleum based products to the film (most quic waxes have them in it) which casuse a chemical reaction and "burn" the film... making it look yellow. Either way its covered under warranty.
I just saw the application of a nice clear bra (Ventureshield) recently on a GT3RS, 911 T, and M3, there's simply no getting around the lines that show around the bumper areas, as there are some sharp and awkward angles you can have to cut around the headlight, grills, etc. The application was uber professional and they tried to get super super close with a custom cut, but even then, some lines weren't robotic perfect.

They may seem invisble to some, but to me there are visible and my eyes would track to them. Also, it's worse on a white or black car (especiallly black), because the shine of the paint is different than the rest of the car.

Resale value is a moot point when you're planning to lease and return the car, that's the point I'm trying to make. If you own the car and plan to keep it forever, then that's different naturally.

I wish someone would just invent something you could buy for this car that is affordable as track car protection and reusable from track day to track day. I don't care if it's somewhat imperfect in the look, as long as it was doing its job.