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Originally Posted by jc824 View Post
Went into a local tire shop and asked about winters on my OEM 19's. They actually recommended the following:

F: 225/40/19
R: 265/35/19

I have no issues with the recommendation on the rear as they are same as stock (although I guess one size down to 255 may be better for winter driving).

But questionable on the front recommendation. Fitment is fine. I understand a more narrow front helps with winter driving but is 225/40 a bit small? Seems a bit skinny.

Any major con's for this setup? (other than the skinny front tires)
Your best bet is to buy a set of 18" x 8" rims with 235/40 R18 winter tires on rather than try and fit a set of winter tires on the OEM rims. Tirerack supplied Sport Edition A7 are a solid rim for this purpose. This set up performs much better (better rear traction) in crap conditions that the wider tires (well it does in New England with our wet snow).

I upgraded from Bridgestone LM-25 to Nokian Hakkipillata (wrong spelling?!), and these too are significantly better winter tires than those offered by Tirerack (a New Hampshire buddy recommends these tires to his customers who absolutely need to travel in any conditions over other brands).