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Originally Posted by AxisMagi View Post
I'm getting Stoptech Trophy kit installed today and I inquired about
buying a set of racing pads. The tech guy at Stoptech assured me that
race pads are completely unnecessary and would be a waste of cash
since the Stoptech Trophy BBK will not generate enough heat to be a
problem with an M3 running street tires on the track. After experiencing
rotor overheating and pad meltdown with my stock brakes and Endless
MX72 hybrid pads it's hard to imagine this could be true, but it sure
would be convenient to not to have to switch pads for every track session.

I'm curious to hear from forum members who are tracking their
Stoptech Trophy BBK: Are the Stoptech performance street pads
enough for intermediate/advanced DE track duty?


I do not think so.I have tried the ST standard pads with my 380/355 setup and they are an great street pad & light duty track pad but not for advanced groups on a circuit that requires a lot of hard use.I ran them for a couple of days before my Pagids arrived and difference was huge.