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Originally Posted by biggynuts01 View Post
To add to your comment above.

I was previously a Pcar guy. I had a Cayman S. Just a few years back, on Planet-9 forum, KW coilovers were the best you can get and were pretty expensive. If you wanted track handling you get the V3s or CS, if you wanted just a drop you get the PSS9s.

Now, coming to the ///M forums, it looks like JRZ/Moton/Ohlins are for superior handling, while KW is just for lowering. Its good to hear that you think highly of KW.. Especially since I just ordered the KW CS

Its does seem like a lot of marketing and brand fads that are swaying decisions rather than real performance gains.
It's also why so many venders and even manufactures are on the forums talking up products and even given deals so they get positive reviews on forums. And people will obviously tend to like what they spent money on and talk it up.
Let me get this straight... You are swapping out parts designed by some of the top engineers in the world because some guys sponsored by a company told you it's "better??" But when you ask the same guy about tracking, "oh no, I have a kid now" or "I just detailed my car." or "i just got new tires."