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My ECU has been updated to 240E, and my ESS tune has been updated as well to reflect the new ECU.

During this process, I have learned a number of things.

Namely, for those of you out there with the ESS flash cable or equivalent, there is no reason that you shouldn't be doing this yourself. The software is extremely easy to use, and ESS is very, very helpful in terms of providing updated tunes to match the appropriate ECU. Additionally, and I wish that I knew this beforehand, but ESS will also provide you (as far as I understand) with the new ECU as well.

There is nothing particularly complicated going on here:

1. Install the software to laptop
2. Attach laptop to the car via USB cable
3. Download current version of car configuration to laptop
4. Email current version to ESS
5. ESS will return tune.mod, and if necessary, the new ECU as well
6. Install one or both
7. Drive away and be merry

I've been told before that the car battery must be attached to an external power supply to maintain constant voltage during the tune - this appears to be complete B.S. and a ploy to keep you in the shops.

Who knows, I could be wrong - but I updated ECU and Tune without an external power supply and everything went smoothly.

In any event, those of you out there with ESS e-flash or equivalent really shouldn't be going to external sources for this. PM me with any basic related questions.
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