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Originally Posted by mdefalco25 View Post
Yeah, I know how to test it, but not sure how to fix it if it's something major. I'm guessing it's typically more than a fuse causing the issue? Was going to have it looked at if it starts getting worse. Right now, I put a battery tender on each night and it is showing that it is capable of charging to the full extent so that's encouraging. Meaning, if there was a draw it would never reach the full charge on the Deltran charger. This morning the light was a solid green which means it monitors and charges when necessary. Fingers crossed it was just a bad battery.
when you pull the fuse that stops the draw, you'll know what piece of equipment has the issue.

anyways.. it probably would reach full charge. it doesn't happen overnight, in most cases. in my experience they do take a while to turn solid green, fully charged