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Originally Posted by Quasimodem View Post
So I was waiting in the left hand turn lane and a cop crosses in front of me heading in the direction that I was turning. As he crossed in front of me he looked right at me, and I was quite aware that I didnt have a front plate(even though I have been running without a front plate for three and a half years with no problems). So I said to myself, I will bet this guy pulls over to wait until I pass him and jumps on my tail.

Sure enough, when I made my left turn I saw him pulled over on the right hand side. I didnt know if he was waiting for me or not, but I wasnt going to take the chance. I immediately pulled into the parking lot on the immediate right (in front of the Casket Outlet LOL) pulled in next to a minivan and started reading a book. After about five minutes I pulled out and made my right hand turn back the way I was going. As I did so, I looked left and a similar cruiser was pulling through the intersection going away from the way I was going.

Sure he probably got a call, pulled over, and ended up reversing his course to go to an incident, but I had a funny feeling he was looking for me. Then again maybe I am a bit jumpy from seeing The Hobbit yesterday.

I know, CSB.

lol...thats funny.
But you gotta do what you gotta do to escape tickets to keep your things intact !!!