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I've had the following:

E39 528i
E46 325ci
E60 530i
E90 330i
E92 335i <-- current car

My favorite was the E46. The car was fully loaded and it was the perfect balance of luxury and performance for me. Also, at the time, the car had a certain prestige about it. I really, truly loved it.

Every car since, I've compromised on features, or bought without truly loving it. And that has taken from my enjoyment of them, even though they're all great cars. And I think that's why I compromised, because I thought "ok, it doesn't have this or that, but it's still a good car".

The 335 coupe would have been my favorite, but the x-drive gives the car an ugly stance, I didn't get an M-sport (although I only care for the steering wheel), and although nice, I probably would choose a different color than platinum bronze if I had to do it over again. But again, it's fully loaded - and it's still a good car