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Originally Posted by pbar View Post
My car was booked at the dealership today for its 30K service. Last night I went to flash the car back to stock in preparation but when I clicked on the E-FLASH application it popped up a dialog box saying:

This came as a bit of a shock since I bought the ESS tune believing that I was able to revert to stock at short notice. It never even occurred to me that the software might have a timebomb built in!

To make things worse, I didn't even have an internet connection available.
Once I got back to internet civilization, I emailed ESS customer support and luckily a working version of EFLASH arrived by email at around 4am and I managed to get the car flashed first thing this morning.

Obviously this was partly my own stupid fault for assuming that software I installed on a laptop a few months ago which hasn't been turned on since would still work when I came back to it later!

Thought I would post this so others don't get caught out....
The E-Flash interface software is updated from time to time and will give you the message when it needs to be updated. If this happens simply email us and we will provide you with a download link.