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Originally Posted by GOTMH8N View Post
I kind of like this one. My biggest issue is every other week I work at 630a so it becomes difficult to wake up early enough to actually cook a breakfast and I usually just eat cereal and a protein shake. It looks like I need to buy some protein mix exclusively for work too. With this, is there really a "lunch"?

Lastly, on the weeks I work at 8 I get off at 6 and usually head for the gym, but because of this, I don't get home until around 9. Is that too late to eat chicken?

I am interested in these supplements, since most of my fat is the stubborn stomach fat. I don't want to spend much money on supplements tho so if you had to recommend one, what would it be?

I know sometimes it can be a hassle, but its not that bad, and it'll pay off later on. Cereal is good but i know with me, once i break out the fruit loops, i don't stick to one serving lol. Well, technically.. When I cut, i don't pay attention to meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), but rather meal 1,2,3 etc.. Its easier this way and you can always mix up the food so it's not the same thing every day.

Every person is different but it doesn't matter with me. I'll eat whenever. The more you eat (healthy, of course) the more your metabolism is burning energy. I definitely wouldn't eat something carb heavy at night. That'll just turn into fat. Chicken breast is a weightlifters go-to food.. High protein, low to no carbs, and not too i don't think eating it at night would hinder results. Every person, however, is different .

I use OEP (oxyelite pro) and that stuff works wonders when cutting. Its about $35-40, but IMO worth it. With supps like thermogenics, make sure you follow the given directions. You don't need anything fancy for protein. Any whey protein will work great.

Another note, when you start dieting and losing body fat, you probably won't gain strength. You might lose muscle just because you're on a calorie deficit. So that's where the tradeoff comes in. You can minimize fat loss by keeping a high protein/moderate carb diet..but fat loss will come slower.

I suggest going online and researching diets and then make your own to suit your needs. I'm not a fitness trainer or anything, but i was in the same position as you a while ago and decided to change up everything and this has been working for me.

Good luck, sir!
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