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Exclamation Nearly caught out by the ESS E-FLASH timebomb!

My car was booked at the dealership today for its 30K service. Last night I went to flash the car back to stock in preparation but when I clicked on the E-FLASH application it popped up a dialog box saying:

Unregistered Version. Sorry but this version has expired! Please request the latest version from your program vendor. [OK?]
This came as a bit of a shock since I bought the ESS tune believing that I was able to revert to stock at short notice. It never even occurred to me that the software might have a timebomb built in!

To make things worse, I didn't even have an internet connection available.
Once I got back to internet civilization, I emailed ESS customer support and luckily a working version of EFLASH arrived by email at around 4am and I managed to get the car flashed first thing this morning.

Obviously this was partly my own stupid fault for assuming that software I installed on a laptop a few months ago which hasn't been turned on since would still work when I came back to it later!

Thought I would post this so others don't get caught out....