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Are you leaky? Power Steering, Brake, Engine Oil?

I continue to read countless posts about people boiling over at the track, or ill-fitting engine oil caps that allow oil to seap or drip. I've had my car for 1 month since re-delivery and appear to have engine oil blow by at the cap - looks like a spray/splatter paterrn rather than a drip. My car is fitted with the type 2 cap, which apparently doesn't work any better than the type 1 unit.

Two thoughts:
  1. Is anyone using this BMW sock on any of their reservoirs? I think it looks tits compared to the old gym sock I see some people zip-tying on their cars. Plus, at $9.99 it's not "M3 Priced".
  2. If you have used it, does it stretch enough to go under the neck of the engine oil cap? I would think so, but haven't tried it. Thoughts on this or alternative solutions? Would be great to just have a cap that works, but absent of that...
Side joke: Did your fluid leak during ED?

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