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Originally Posted by TTG View Post
Go find me a 2011.75 E90 as clean as this one for $50K please! He can eeeaasily get $55K+ for his car in SoCal.
Unless 2011 E90s are bringing as much as 2011 E92s, I think not.

This fellow has a 2011.5 for <$55K and it has not sold. Same with this 2011 for $55K and this 2011 as well for $55K.

You can "ask" $55K all day long, but let's be real. If you're going to move it, it will need to be closer to $50K. There are too many on the market in this price range just gathering dust, and once the F80 M3 is shown, you can bet more will hit the Classifieds.

Originally Posted by TTG View Post
I also completely disagree with your comment about DCT being the "preferred" choice of transmission. That is almost deducting $$$ from his car for not being the "preferred" AW / FR combo.... It is a personal choice.
I didn't say it was the "preferred" tranny option, only that it is more popular. Since DCT is more popular than 6MT, it can also be concluded that it is more preferred among all buyer sets. I'm not arguing one is better than the other. Rather, DCT is more commonly preferred, and brings a premium in price, in part due to its initial option cost premium over 6MT.

Your color combo argument is not applicable because AW/FR doesn't cost any more than JzB/Blk. DCT costs more than 6MT and a portion of that premium translates into selling price, for newer cars.

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