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Originally Posted by e92driva View Post
For losing body fat, I would keep a high protein, low carb, and high essential fats diet. Eat most of your carbs in the morning because that way you burn a ton of the carbs during the day.

Sample diet could be something like:
(each meal is 2-3 hours apart)

-Breakfast- 3-4 eggs, 1 slice of whole wheat toast
-Meal 2: a protein shake mixed with milk (whatever kind you like) and a fruit
-Meal 3: a Greek yogurt with a cheese stick and a fruit
-Meal 4: lean beef or chicken breast
-Meal 5: protein shake with some vegetables or a salad
--you can add a meal 6 if you need more calories/carbs/protein.

I don't really know your caloric needs but for anyone trying to lose body fat, he/she needs to be on a calorie deficit. Idk if you're big on supplementation, but a thermogenic would help a ton. Oxyelite pro works well. Yohimbine HCL is also good for getting rid of stubborn fat in some places. Either way brotha, good luck!
I kind of like this one. My biggest issue is every other week I work at 630a so it becomes difficult to wake up early enough to actually cook a breakfast and I usually just eat cereal and a protein shake. It looks like I need to buy some protein mix exclusively for work too. With this, is there really a "lunch"?

Lastly, on the weeks I work at 8 I get off at 6 and usually head for the gym, but because of this, I don't get home until around 9. Is that too late to eat chicken?

I am interested in these supplements, since most of my fat is the stubborn stomach fat. I don't want to spend much money on supplements tho so if you had to recommend one, what would it be?