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Replacing Side View Mirror Housing?

So long story short, my side view mirror housing and mirror cap are cracked. I was looking to replace them and was told by a shop that I'd need to replace the entire housing (i.e., motor, wire harness, etc.). The mirror glass and the motor are fine. The mirror tilts down in reverse and still folds in when that button is pushed. It looks like I can order #5 in the picture from the internet, and I can buy the mirror cap and have IND paint it, I presume. So my question is, or rather, I'm looking for confirmation that I can just buy #5 from above, the mirror cap, and replace them myself. Do I have to take off the door trim to do this? Has anyone done this before?

Before I get flamed, I did a search and I found the thread about replacing the entire housing for the matte black housing. I'm not trying to replace the entire assembly, just #5. Also, seems like there was another thread where someone had a similar problem, but there was only one response that noted the procedure from the matte black assembly swap thread.

Any help is appreciated.