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Track? What Track? I was just riding along . . .

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I am too middle-aged to get away with a purpose-built sports car. I will look like a d-bag midlifecrisiser tooling around in anything like that.

That's why the M3 is perfect for me, and since it's the last NA, I will be holding on to it. At some point the temptation to SC will probably become overwhelming, but not for a long time.

I sort of like the collectibility of the M Coupe (either series), but an E46 M3 in good nick looks sooooooo tasty. I'm sometimes tempted to give up my '79 Euro for one of those. I would have to factor in whether Max plans to keep EDA Motors in McLean going for several more years, so I have somebody to maintain one. Owning older BMWs can be like boat ownership in terms of cost.

I'm going to give BMW a long time to work out its turbos before I join that party. But my wife drives the lesser 3er's, and she's due to rotate before long, so she might make the leap. But she thinks the N52 engine is over-power for the E90, so the prospect of a 4-cylinder backwash blender doesn't worry her in the least.