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Originally Posted by Stronghammer View Post
Photo copy a $100 bill on your best color printer
Does not work these day, photocopiers can detect money and will just print a black page

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That could be a interesting idea to do...

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Write up an offer letter to yourself, sign it and send it back.
I like this idea, and it may work.

As people have pointed out it is a game they come up with. Somewhere the HR person probably read about this idea and though it would be good to use. I have seen similar things in the past. I personally would do things like this, I use to have puzzle games in my office sitting on the desk and you would be surprise how often someone would pick them up an begin to solve them. For the type of Jobs I was hiring for this was a good indication of the type of person I wanted to hire. Simply put I needed people who could solve problems and the puzzles were a good indication of that.

I am not sure why they handed you a piece of blank paper and told you to do what you want with it. However. I am guessing they are trying to see how well you do with lack of direction or information, can you be creative and figure out what they may want without having the specific information. They could be other reasons as well. Obviously you do not have to do, but as it was pointed out this is a good way to set yourself apart from others if you really want to work at this place.

Good Luck