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Originally Posted by hakaida442 View Post
I test drove the panamera gts, e63, m5, s6,and a gs350 fsport a few weeks back as I'm looking to get a new car for transporting clients and for grocery shopping and costco runs as my other car is impractical but very fun. I liked the panamera gts and s6 the most and m5 the least because the suspension and steering feels awful, but I'll probably end up with the gs350 fsport. It's a lot cheaper (and slower), probably a lot more reliable than the rest, and I already have a car for fun.

The car bmw should've made is the e60 m5 with the v10 and dct. Now that would have been a great car.
You can get the V10 in the new BMW M5. Just have BMW change the mp3 of the present V8 to the V10 and run that through the speakers.