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Feeler & Advice for selling my 2011.75 E90 M3


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but this section of the forum does get the most views.

Moderators please move if necessary.

I'm trying to get a feeler and some advice about selling my car.

In my sig, you'll see most of the info about the car, with the options:
2011.75 E90 ///M3 6MT | JB | Blk | CF | ZCP | ZCV | ZCW | ZP2 | 403 | 6NR | 752

Here is some additional info on the car:

The car has about 5000 miles on it. Always garaged kept, handwashed weekly, sealed with swissvax.

The car has NEVER been machine washed. Even when I took delivery, the car was not washed.
There are 0 swirls on the car.
0 curb rash on the weels.
Broken in properly and never even valet parked the car.
Never ate in the car or smoked.
0 paint chips.
Everything is pretty much mint.

From delivery, I got a new car detail, and the entire front end was sealed with a clear bra from Premier Automotive (hood, bumper, headlights, a pillars, mirrors, side skirts, front quarter panel#, along with 35% tint all around and 70% on the front windshield with diamond cut IR. Tint guard in the doors were also installed.
(approx 4k job)

The only mods ever done to the car are:
clear bra
Matte black front grill
IND painted reflectors
DVD in motion coding from EAS.

As of now, the current payments are approx 525/month, for 60 months, with a balloon payment of 25k at the end.

I put 25k down, and have been paying the monthly payment since June 2011(20 payments).

The car has been stored in a car jacket with a battery tender since October 2011.

Currently I am overseas, and don't plan on returning for a bit longer, and starting to realize it's not such a good idea to keep paying for a car that I'm not driving.

The E90 is such a perfect car, and although it kills me to even think about letting this car go, it might be the right decision. My only hope is I hope to be back in the states in time to at least get a new E92 M3 while it's still available.

So anyway.

If were to sell this car, how much of that downpayment would I be able to get back?
What would the the best procedure to sell this car?
Should I keep I just keep it?

Any info or advice would be helpful. Flame away if you want. I'll take it
Thanks for reading everyone.
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