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Originally Posted by chuxdelux View Post
Beautiful, and congrats.
Thanks bro!

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
so far, so good... any plans on wheels+coils?
Right now, I swapped the wheels on the car for the stock 18s with winter tires. Don't want to bend or crack the comp package ones. And for now, I think I am going to stick with comp package wheels and stock suspension. I am a fan of HRE or ADV1 however I can't get myself to spend $4k+ on wheels when ZCP looks good as is. Regarding suspension, I am more of a speed guy, rather than one that tracks every weekend and needs better suspension. Comp package suspension is good enough for the bumpy pothole infested Boston roads. I do see myself tracking the car this year though and I'll probably want more out of the suspension after that so I would probably look to the kw v3 w/ edc or kw clubsport. Need to read up more on them and on which suspension setup is best for our Ms.