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You baby your ride, forget you have launch control. Tires are going to be your main issue right away. They will not hook up. If you do it with M mode on you may as well just mash the pedal and watch the revs hit close to 3k and you're gone. You have to have a good throttle foot to Launch with traction control off.

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Before I get blasted & flamed I am going to preface my question with the fact that I baby the crap out of my 2011 E92 M3 DCT. She has 12,000 gentle miles on her and has never been abused.

I want to know about launch control. I'm getting bored of staring at my car sitting in the garage and I'm ready to F*cking make this B*tch work!!!! Can launch control damage the vehicle in any way? Warranty issues? Anyone use launch control on a regular basis?