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man that vette is fast! Adam your car is moving though!

I see you have upgraded the from 600 to 625, are you able to notice the difference?
What's up Jimmy...actually I didn't know this but I was sent the 625 kit as I placed the order right as ESS was making the changes that you now see on their website. Found this out as I was corresponding with Roman later on

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What size tires are you running out back? Are you catted or no? Time for an ESS-VT650?
Yeah fully catless (MRF X Pipe). Tires: Michelin PSS 275's. I couldn't have been running 315's and i would have still be spinning given how cold it was that day.

I have some future mods planned

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Much more in line what I would expect than the videos from the last airstrip event. Nice run, both cars sound great.
Thx. He's making a bunch more power now though. I want to do a 3rd gear 70 mph roll on with Ryan at the next event with traction control completely turned that's both have traction. Based on what happened, it's going to be much closer but I still think the Z will have the edge (as least until I start my next phase of modding )
I think you might be a bit disappointed if you race him starting in third man... S6 isn't gonna be nearly enough help starting in that gear. At least from all the passed videos I've seen. Good luck though