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You do know that if you are an H1B I don't have to pay YOU as well as I would have to pay a citizen ;-) To do the same work!
Hedge fund guys and accountants nipples get hard when they hear H1B!
Hell I know H1B PhD's making good money for their Fortune 500 companies who get paid...oh maybe $30k a year? So they have a second job flipping burgers!

That said, the second part of the video was spot on and we discussed this in another thread. Engineering school the hardest fraternity to join in all of the university.
They are the strictest in letting people in, they are the harshest when it comes to their hazing and they are on a hair trigger to kick your sorry ass out…..
And in return you get the privilege of dating the fattest ugliest bitchest women on campus….where at any part there are 52 dicks and 2 chicks!

That is figuratively and physically. Because remember that H1B visa? Well boy you just busted your ass to get an engineering degree with a 2.9 GPA! Why weren’t you as smart as that OTB Asican/Pakistani/Indian kid who did it with a 4.0? And who now due to his residency status is willing to work for all of $35k a year so that he…and it’s always a he…can stay in this country?

Now tell me that’s not like getting piss in your eye!

Add to it that in this nation of ours…engineers are given the same level of respect as the Sanitation Engineers who collect refuge in the early morning hours.

And now these guys…and it’s 99% guys are getting smart and going back home to work for a living wage. So what can you do?

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