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Originally Posted by kungpao
Does Cali require you to have the plate mounted on the bumper or just on the front of the vehicle somewhere? I have friends who used to velcro their front plate (Massachusetts) to the passenger visor and whenever they drove by a cop, they'd flip the visor down lol.
Yes the Cali laws are pretty specific. Furthermore if you place a license plate anywhere visible through the windshield the kind of cop that'd give you a front plate ticket can now give you TWO. One for improper front plate placement and another for windshield obstruction.

In NorCal I was lucky enough to live without a front plate on my A4 for 2 years. The Audi FP holder is another front bumper filler, which is hundreds of dollars. No thanks, I'll eat 2 or 3 tickets before it becomes financially advantageous to get front plates

This time I am thinking I will just cave in to the law and ask for my front bumper to be drilled.