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Originally Posted by TS135i View Post
Haha they're going back because America is becoming a police state.
Actually I think the ones going back are the one who can not compete in the the US. Yes technologies and the people who generate it drive this country, but most PhD fail at make a successful company they are more interested in learning not what it take to make something successful. They go back to their home country since they know people will think they are important their unless here your are not important unless you can make money.

They are right that our education system is screwed up and they do not teacher people how to learn but to pass a test.

This is a different view of success in the US

They are promoting people with ideas verses people with a education. There are more successful people who do not have formal education than do. Look at Steve Jobs or Bill Gates they never completed college. But they took advantage of technology and made the PhD's work for them.