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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
I didn't think lowering it half an inch and slightly stiffer damping would do much. I haven't driven a ZCP, but just thinking through it I don't see how it could make a significant difference.

I've seen reviews from people that have tracked both and found the difference to be negligible. Not saying you're wrong (it is an opinion after all), just saying that thinking ZCP makes much difference on track is an unusual opinion to hold.

OP: Definitely will be 'good enough.' I like coilovers much better than stock, but even non-ZCP stock is pretty damn good for a stock car. If you were happy with an older M with stock dampers you'll love the E9X.

My tire wear has been terrible stock and with coilovers and 2.5 camber.
Agree. I don't see how there could be such a big difference. These aren't coilovers by any stretch. Lots of subjective interpretation in this thread. also apples to oranges, comparing stock vs modified square setups vs Dinans, EDC vs non-EDC vs ZCP, butt dynos vs track tire wear...

OP is talking about running his car stock for now.
Originally Posted by Class-of-2013 View Post
I think I read somewhere the ZCP springs have different spring rates (stiffer) and aren't simply just lower by .5 inches, contributing to improved cornering behavior. I do know from my old non-ZCP M and this car ZCP car, the Sport EDC is substantially stiffer off the cuff. Feels extremely neutral coming off an off-ramp at relatively high speed (track of course is different).

Thanks for the thoughts though, looking forward to seeing the ZCP suspension in action this March.
Springs are shorter by 1 cm (0.4") and spring rate is same as non-ZCP = not stiffer.
Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I have the non-EDC with dinan stage 2, GC plates and square 275s. The BIGGEST shortcoming are the rear dampers. I can tell its on the bump stops on just about every corner exit. I'm feathering the throttled til the car is about straight and then I can give it gas. EDC cars don't seem to have this issue. I drove a stock ZCP car and it was better at putting the power down.

I think the ZCP has stiffer rear springs and stiffer damper settings which helps to mask the problem.
Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
The stock suspension is plenty good on the track. I track mine on stock non-EDC dampers with just springs, camber plates and a good alignment. It's excellent.
Totally agree.

Originally Posted by MTROIS View Post
At least 2-3 secs.... AT LEAST!

Where does this come from??

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