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I thought I might as well ask this in here since I have been debating between getting a new E92 or a used GTR. I have been going back and forth between the two because the M3 and the Skyline have been childhood dream cars for me. I'm not waiting for the M4 to come out because my faith in the new motor setup is, well, you can take a guess. These are the main uses for the car:
1) Taking some of the DD responsibility when it is nice outside. My drive each way is about 30 miles, 13 of which is heavy stop/go traffic while the other 18 is pure highway.
2) Very little track use.
3) Full time weekend car except during the winter.

Each one has it's stuff that I like better. The M3 overall has a better interior and exterior (but I also like the GTR's exterior). The GTR has more HP and torque. The GTR is less seen than the M3 to where no one is going to confuse it for a lesser model. Manual transmission is not a breaking point for me because of the stop/go traffic. Backseat room is also not a selling point because I don't like having people sit behind me either. Trunk space also doesn't matter. Obviously in one situation I get a brand new car and the other I put my faith in that the previous owner took care of the car. The BMW paint is better than the Nissan paint (especially comparing the two). Maintenance costs between the two are on different spectrum's.

Anything that I haven't thought of could be helpful in making my decision.