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Originally Posted by spdy330 View Post
Well I never said the watch looked cheap. In fact I said the watch looks really nice. The point to the thread was to share my thoughts in the event someone else was interested in such a piece. If they do not care about parts of it not glowing then great. But at least they know what to expect ahead of TIME.

If you are going to post a comment at least try and stay with the topic.

Topic is that BMW screwed up when making the numbers glow and not the hands which would be the most important part of the watch.

Happy New Years everyone!
I agree with you completely. I have a Movado which pretty much has nothing but the hands and the trademark dot at the top of the dial. It doesn't glow in the dark, but neither do any markings. Making the markers glow when the hands do not is just a sign of addle-minded engineering.

If BMW had ONLY made the hands glow, you could figure out the time based upon the orientation of your arm. Having the numbers glow without the hands is useless.