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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
what the forum represents is a small limited number of onwers yes; but only the negative posts come through; No one posts, "hey my car runs fine" you only hear the negatives or poblems. Not too mention how many M3 are on the road w/out problems and that don't post on a forum at all. I think you're exaggerating the problem.
How about the blown engines that arent reported because their owners were asked or dont post on the foruns? There are by far more N55's on the road than the S65 yet there more documented cases of blown s65's.

I know of another case on bimmerfest that was reported only because BMW NA denied warranty on a blown engine and accused the good Dr of overreving his DCT causing the engine failure.
Most people sign the BMW release, get a new engine and keep quiet. The low production s65 has more catastrophic engine failures than the N54 .