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Originally Posted by Talk2meg00se View Post
I have nothing empircal to contribute to this discusison, though will merely say that I did

MS Stage II intake + MS pulley + ESS stage II tune + Akrapovic slip-on and the net effect was "wow the car is officially scary fast - any faster and I'd probably crash it."

The effects were certainly noticeable, and I love what they've done for the car's performance profile. The car has a whole new dimension to it torque-wise that as lacking previously. I suspect that the majority of the gains came from the tune, though I don't know for sure.

Other thoughts:
1. The car runs a bit hot in the summer time during routine driving. This occured post mods.

2. The intake requires intermittent maintenance - the various subjects come loose with time.

3. The idle appears to be a bit off - it will stall ~once a month on a cold start.
In response to your "other thoughts" i think that some thoughts are comflicting to the Stage 2 filter itself. I too have the Stage 2 filter + MS Pulley and the car started running slightly hotter after the Pulley's, not the filter. The stalling doesn't seem normal at all and I doubt the filter is making your car stall. You should get that checked out.
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