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Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
The idea that BMW is pulling the S65 from the M3 line simply due to CAFE is a dubious assertion. It is far, far more likely that the S65 is being pulled because it pales in comparison to the powerplants employed by all of its peers and in fact is completely outshined by a truck engine (Ford's 5.0) that makes more power and more torque all over the powerband
First of all, since the M3 still keeps up with the Ford despite having a smaller engine, I really don't see why you think it is outshined. Second, the 5.0 is not a truck engine, that's an absurd statement - its a very good engine that Ford has spent lots of $ and care to make it into what it is today.

And lastly, all BMW had to to to re-establish dominance in that segment was to increase displacement a bit. It's my belief that if it had been still globally socially acceptable, they would have used a variation of the GTS engine in the next M3.

BMW and M have repeatedly stated why they are moving away from N/A engines, and it sure as hell wasn't the disappointing power figures.

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